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Email Service Provider
100% Next Gen Personalization
38% More Revenue from Emails


The World Hates Spam

55% of All email is spam.

That's 40 emails per day, your customers are ignoring.


People Love Personalization

90% of consumers prefer personalized emails.

91% more likely to engage.


Your Company Deserves Better

38% more revenue through personalization.

210% more engagement.


Get Started Easy & Free

No Monthly Fee.

Pay as you go.

Simple per-use pricing.

Therapy Sessions
How it works

Email Service Providers are almost all the same.

Just like all the rest, we deliver email, to your email lists, safe, secure and with HIGH DELIVERABILITY with our whitelisted servers.

UNLIKE all the rest we:

  • Have a clean REST API for sending email.

  • Have an amazing REST API for you to add personalized objects/data content.

  • Have a simple ESPNEXT_SCRIPT language to let you build 100% personalized and custom emails, featuring YOUR products, services and content.

About us

ESPNext was founded on a simple mission: 

make every email personal

Our founder, Harlan T Beverly, PhD is an expert in AI and Web/Email systems.  In his prior companies, he's built email systems that powered 1MM emails daily.

Through that pain, Dr. Beverly has discovered, personalized email doesn't have to be so hard...

...let's make email fun again!

We had a problem. Our emails were being ignored. Dr. Beverly and helped us discover, personalized emails can be easy and are 210% more effective.

Robert .G. Age 47

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